The only village located in Barton Township, Worth County, is Bolan.  It had its beginning when the Chicago Great Western Railroad was constructed in 1886 and named by the roadmaster at that time, Matt Bolan.  Several freight and passenger trains passed through and stopped in town until the 1970s.

Today, there are 9 on Bolan's one main street called Tulip Lane and 12 in the "suburbs" on 420th Street.  In 2010, Barton Township became populated with 80, two-megawatt wind turbines.

The town was platted on land owned by Anna Alexander.  At the turn of the 20th century, there was a depot, grocery store, post office, grain elevator, cream buying station, church, school, and blacksmith shops, stockyards, coal yards, lumber yards.  There were many active farmers with large families in the neighborhood.  Population may have been more than 50.